Week in Review: July 5-July 12 & Musings

Okay, so not exactly a week (as in Sunday-Saturday), but this gets me caught up to today. The past few days have been some great running and some not so great running. July 5-8 was pretty slow. I ran 6 miles in recovery from the July 4 5k but then didn’t run for 2 days. Laziness, busyness, not sure which one I want to use. In truth, the past few weeks have just been tough for me to get out of bed in the morning. Just super lethargic.

Over the weekend, though, Landry came down from Atlanta, and we were able to get some good running in. I had a crappy workout on Saturday morning, 4 easy with him to start things off in the afternoon; solid 8 miles Saturday morning; and then a very wet but fun 7 miles on Monday.

What I realized this weekend was how much I miss running with someone. I never felt like I needed a full team of people to run with (in fact, this was a pretty intense discussion that was had on my college XC team), but I do miss running with 1-2 people. For most of my running career, I have run with other people. In Middle School – College I ran with a team for most of the year, and I was able to train with Landry during breaks. Post-college, I lived in Richmond, VA and met a handful of guys to run with a few times a week, back in GA for a few years, I had the same situation, and then in RI, I would meet another former collegiate runner 1-2 times per week for workouts. But since I’ve come to Miami, I haven’t run with anyone, except some shorter runs with Anna. Ever. This past weekend was literally the first time I’ve run with another person for more than 3 miles since moving to Miami. Don’t get me wrong, I love running with Anna. It’s time that we get to spend together that we otherwise would not have, and with our crazy schedules, that time is precious. But I miss starting a run at 7:15/mile, and, as the conversation ebbs and flows throughout a run, realize we have dropped it to 6:30.

So, as Anna and I prepare for the next step in our lives, I want to move to a city where I can find a few guys to run with, even if it’s just a few days a week (workouts, or a long run). I need the accountability, but more than that, I need the social interaction in my running. The options are definitely there. I am applying to schools in the Providence – Boston area, which have rich running communities. Atlanta is another option, which will bring some of my old running partners as options.

To end this long, rambling post, I will just say, sometimes it takes time, more maturity, or just perspective to realize the importance people can play in your lives. Running can be and, at times, should be a solitary endeavor. I love getting lost in my thoughts while running, but the thing that drives the running community, outside of competition, is camaraderie with the few people who understand why you get up at 6AM on Saturday/Sunday to run 15-20 miles, why you enjoy pushing yourself to exhaustion, and why you think pasta should be its own food group.

If you want the details on my runs this past week, check out my Strava.

Keep running,



Long time no blog

It has been several weeks since I last blogged. No excuses, just busy and lazy on this front.

Overall, the last few weeks have been slow progressions forward. I have not been as high mileage wise as I originally planned, but I am getting in to shape. Case in point is my most recent long run. 14 miles a tad under 7:00 pace. It felt fantastic, even, and strong.

I’ve also been able to put together some decent workouts for this early in training.

  • June 6: 1x2mile (5:00R), 1x1mile (2:30R), 4x:30 (:30R)
    • 12:02 (6:01, 6:01); 5:54
  • June 9: 6×1:30 Hills
  • June 14: 4xmile (1:00R)
    • 5:54, 5:59, 5:56, 5:55
  • June 16: 12×1:00 (1:00R)
  • June 21: 2×8:00 (5:00R)
  • June 24: 6×1:30 Hills

My long run has also gradually increased to 14 miles. I spent a few weeks at 12 miles, then jumped to 14, but this past week was the best one I’ve had. The others have been a struggle, mainly with pace management in such hot weather. I tended to start off quicker than I planned, and really pay for it in the heat later. This past week, however, I was able to control myself much better for the first half of the run, then slowly squeeze the pace downward.

Overall, the past few weeks have been a good step forward in my training. I am racing on July 4 (one week from yesterday), so that should give me a good indication of how my training is proceeding. I don’t have a set goal, but want to improve a good bit over my last race in May (18:10). This will set training paces for the next few months as I prepare for my final 5k race of the summer on Labor Day and before I transition to 10k/half training for the fall.

Key things to note: I need to do a better job of tempering my expectations in the heat. It is hotter/more humid here than any other place I have lived, and there is an intensity to the sun that is more acute as well. I recently purchased a handheld water bottle to take with me on longer efforts and workouts. I hope that this will help with heat management.

For more details, check out my Strava.



Tough Few Weeks…

It has been a rough couple of weeks. To start, it wasn’t all bad, but as a whole, I have struggled to be consistent, I’ve been sluggish, and some circumstances beyond my control have prevented me from moving forward. But I am not going to let these things slow me down and stop me from pursuing my goal. One step at a time…

On Friday, May 19, after a pretty solid week of training, I went out for my weekly workout. 10×1:00F(1:00R). The workout went really well, actually. I was gaining confidence leading into my race on June 4. I thought I could go mid 17’s and continue hitting my goals for the summer. But, crossing a road on my cool down, a car hit me, driving on the wrong side of the road. I saw a flash of color in my peripheral vision and must have tried to stop or jump back, but I wasn’t quite quick enough. The car hit my left hip and whatever backward movement I was able to make allowed me to spin down the side of the car hitting my elbows and forearms rather than going over the top of the car. Nothing seemed broken, and when I looked up after realizing what had just happened, the driver yelled at me to get out of the road and drove off, no indication of regret for hitting me or driving down the wrong side of the road. A kind woman who was sitting on the curb asked if I was okay. I jogged the 1.5 miles home before my adrenaline dropped and shock set in.

I was lucky, I could have been hurt much worse. But I came away with some soreness and very tender bruises rather than broken bones, a concussion, or worse.

This split second has set me back. One decision by me (to cross the road right there) and by the driver (to break the law and ultimately hit me). I’ve been nervous to run that direction ever since. I had to take a few days off to recover (mentally and physically). It’s been slow to build back.

But I will not let this beat me.

This isn’t my typical Week(s) in Review. If you want to see what I’ve been able to cobble together the past few weeks check my Strava here.

Onward to June. We continue forward. Below is my June training schedule. This may change slightly with mileage but overall should stay the same. Race on June 4 is still up in the air…



Week in Review, April 17-23, 2017

Growing up in the South, sometimes I felt like I didn’t fit in super well. I’ve always been into music, art, literature, things not exactly promoted in my football crazed town. I played sports growing up, just not the one’s people cared about. Then I started running. Immediately, I knew I had found my sport and my people. There is no better community than the running community, in my mind. And there is no better place to witness this race day. Whether it be cross-country, road, trail, or track, the running community gets pumped for race day and there is a never ending swell of encouragement! I love it, and it has been one of the biggest things I’ve missed since getting lazy. I ended that streak this weekend, and the community welcomed me back with open arms. It was exactly what I needed to keep the motivation high!

Overall this ended up being a pretty successful week for two reasons: I ran faster than expected in the race on Saturday (Recap coming!), and I had a great long run on Sunday. This is more progress toward the ultimate goal of being back in race shape and competing once again. I won’t go into detail about the race here, but following up a solid effort there with a long run the next day is a milestone for me. Not only for the cumulative effort over 2 days but I had a calf strain mid-week that I was able to work through and still complete the race and  long run. I did take Friday off to nurse the calf, but that was all it took. I’m pleased with the mileage, the race, and the long run. Not a bad week of running.


Nothing exciting to report this week, except that I saw a Chicken family on my long run yesterday. One rooster, one hen, and two chicks. Perhaps they were out for a Sunday stroll beneath the Metro-Rail, or (unfortunately the more likely scenario) they were escaping certain death on a rotisserie. Let’s go with the Sunday stroll.


  • Monday– 6 miles
  • Tuesday– 9 miles
  • Wednesday– 6 miles
  • Thursday– 7 miles
  • Friday– Off-rest/nurse strained calf
  • Saturday– FICPA 1040k 5k Race, 2nd overall, 18:10
  • Sunday– 12 miles (3 w/the Girl+ 9 OMO)
  • Total Miles– 50 miles

For more details, check out my Strava.




Week in Review, April 10-16, 2017

Another solid week of running! This is when I start getting really excited about training. I have (mostly) gotten over the initial difficulty of getting back into shape, have started to feel good in my daily running, and am starting to pick up steam in mileage. Still no structured workouts or anything faster than training pace except for some strides. But I’m getting pumped!

The pain in my Achilles has completely subsided, so issue averted, but I did rub a blister on my left Achilles on Tuesday. A rain storm popped up, soaked me in the matter of 2 minutes and over the final 2 miles of my run, I rubbed a spot completely raw. By the weekend, it had started to feel good again, no pain, and I think it is on the heal now.

Anecdotes: I ran my longest run in two years this week. 10 miles. In the past, this would have been no accomplishment, but when you are building, 10 miles can be a milestone. This next weekend (April 22) I will run my first race of any kind in two years. Nothing exciting, just a local 5k, but it will be nice to get back out and compete. I’m not expecting anything spectacular, but a baseline on which to build the rest of my summer training.


  • Monday– 6 miles
  • Tuesday– 6 miles on TM
  • Wednesday– 6 miles
  • Thursday– 6 miles (2 w/the Girl)
  • Friday– 6 miles
  • Saturday– AM:2 miles w/the Girl; PM:4 miles
  • Sunday– 10 miles (7 OMO + 3 w/the Girl)
  • Total Miles– 46 miles

For more details, check out my Strava.


Week in Review, March 27-April 2, 2017

This week was both a success and failure for me. I ran a solid long run, longest I’ve done in quite a while, but I also got lazy for a few days and did not hit my weekly mileage. Consistency has been my problem since 2013 or so. If I’m going to get back out there and race, I’ve got to fix this issue. that is what the coming weeks are for.

I hit two “workouts” this week (in the broadest sense of workouts): 6x strides on the end of a run and a long run of 8 miles. Like Landry eluded to in his post (here) I also need to get into the gym and start doing core. For those new to running, gym and core work are critically important to running well/fast. They both help strengthen and stabilize your entire middle region, and strength work to your legs can actually help balance the muscles that are not typically used (or not much) in everyday running, which can help when you are tired.


I saw two cars get pulled over this week while running. One was very obviously running a red light in front of a cop and then tried to stop but basically just ended up in the intersection. The other, I’m unsure of what they did, but it’s always enjoyable for me to see someone get a ticket in Miami.

One cat call this week, nothing spectacular, just a WHOOP when I ran by. Always nice to be appreciated.


  • Monday– Lazy, no run.
  • Tuesday– 5 miles w/ 6x:20(:40)
  • Wednesday– 6 miles
  • Thursday-4 miles
  • Friday– Lazy, no run.
  • Saturday- 6 miles
  • Sunday– 8 miles (LR)

Total Miles: 29

For more details check out my Strava.


April 2017-A glimpse

Like Landry, I’m going to post my training schedule each month so that you can see what I’m doing. This is merely a blueprint, so if you want details check out the weekly training reviews or Strava. My goal with this is to be transparent so that anyone who reads this will know what I’m doing day to day and if I miss a day or skip a workout can call me out. So, here’s April:


You’ll notice that Landry and I use the same format. This is by design for ease, and we both like spreadsheets, so we utilize a calendar template on Excel.

The month of April is all about building mileage and getting back into the routine of running. You can see that I’m building somewhat quickly. This isn’t necessarily advised for everyone, especially beginners. Anyone who does not have much experience with running or training really needs to build slowly and progressively, like a 5%-10% incrase in mileage each week. So, if you are running 20 miles/week currently, only add 2 miles or so the next week. This seems super slow, and it is, but it is designed to keep you from getting hurt. I have 15 years of running experience, so I am capable fo building a bit faster.

The key is knowing yourself. Be cautious in the build, but you know what you are capable of better than anyone else.

Look out for the weekly review!



GS: general strength-usually some light gym work or body weight exercises

Core: abdominal and back exercises to facilitate good form and balance.