Thanks for stopping by sub230! Here’s a little bit about me, my running goals, favorite races and workouts, and current PR’s. If you want a more thorough Bio, check out here.


I began running at age 13 to get in shape for soccer. I fell in love with the sport pretty quickly and by my Sophomore year in high school, I quit soccer completely and focused solely on running. I was able to get an athletic scholarship to a small liberal arts college in Georgia called Berry College. We competed in NAIA for 3 of my 4 years and went DIII my senior year. While at Berry, I was fortunate enough to compete at three national championships between cross-country and track. I ran at the 2006 and 2008 NAIA Cross-Country Champs in Louisville, KY and Kenosha, WI, and then competed at the 2009 Track and Field Championships in the St. Louis area in the marathon.

I’ve competed infrequently since college, but have been able to do a marathon, a few half-marathons, a smattering of 5ks and one 50-miler (unofficially, more on that later). Now, I’m 29, and realized that I still want to run fast. So, that’s why we’re here!


Running Goals

  • 5k- 15:10
  • 10k- 32:00
  • 1/2 Marathon- 1:11:30
  • Marathon- 2:29:59

Current PR’s

  • 5k- 15:52
  • 10k- 33:20
  • 1/2 Marathon- 1:13:20
  • Marathon- 2:37:07

Favorite Races/Workouts

Races: Peachtree Road Race 10k, Providence Half-Marathon

Workouts: 3xSteepleson Fartlek, 6xmile w/1 min rest, 8-10 mile MP threshold, 18-20 mile LR with faster segment final 2-3 miles