Thank you for stopping by! Running is a sport where no matter how fast or slow you are, whether you win or come in with the trail car, you can accomplish your goals. Running well is often between you and the clock, you and your mind. But when you are no longer a part of a team, or do not have people to train with on a regular basis, it can become increasingly difficult to make it out the door, to put in the miles, and reach those goals. Work takes over, family takes over, life takes over.

I want sub230 to be a platform for people to follow my pursuit of bettering myself, getting faster, and hopefully hitting a specific time goal with all of the difficulties of life included. I hope to be honest and raw with the details of my pursuit, while also providing lessons that I’ve learned over 15 years of running.

Thanks for joining me on this journey! If you want to find out more about my running history, click here (short version) or here (long version)or use the drop down menu above. If you are wondering who this other guy is (Landry) click here or use the menu.

See you on the roads!