Week in Review: July 5-July 12 & Musings

Okay, so not exactly a week (as in Sunday-Saturday), but this gets me caught up to today. The past few days have been some great running and some not so great running. July 5-8 was pretty slow. I ran 6 miles in recovery from the July 4 5k but then didn’t run for 2 days. Laziness, busyness, not sure which one I want to use. In truth, the past few weeks have just been tough for me to get out of bed in the morning. Just super lethargic.

Over the weekend, though, Landry came down from Atlanta, and we were able to get some good running in. I had a crappy workout on Saturday morning, 4 easy with him to start things off in the afternoon; solid 8 miles Saturday morning; and then a very wet but fun 7 miles on Monday.

What I realized this weekend was how much I miss running with someone. I never felt like I needed a full team of people to run with (in fact, this was a pretty intense discussion that was had on my college XC team), but I do miss running with 1-2 people. For most of my running career, I have run with other people. In Middle School – College I ran with a team for most of the year, and I was able to train with Landry during breaks. Post-college, I lived in Richmond, VA and met a handful of guys to run with a few times a week, back in GA for a few years, I had the same situation, and then in RI, I would meet another former collegiate runner 1-2 times per week for workouts. But since I’ve come to Miami, I haven’t run with anyone, except some shorter runs with Anna. Ever. This past weekend was literally the first time I’ve run with another person for more than 3 miles since moving to Miami. Don’t get me wrong, I love running with Anna. It’s time that we get to spend together that we otherwise would not have, and with our crazy schedules, that time is precious. But I miss starting a run at 7:15/mile, and, as the conversation ebbs and flows throughout a run, realize we have dropped it to 6:30.

So, as Anna and I prepare for the next step in our lives, I want to move to a city where I can find a few guys to run with, even if it’s just a few days a week (workouts, or a long run). I need the accountability, but more than that, I need the social interaction in my running. The options are definitely there. I am applying to schools in the Providence – Boston area, which have rich running communities. Atlanta is another option, which will bring some of my old running partners as options.

To end this long, rambling post, I will just say, sometimes it takes time, more maturity, or just perspective to realize the importance people can play in your lives. Running can be and, at times, should be a solitary endeavor. I love getting lost in my thoughts while running, but the thing that drives the running community, outside of competition, is camaraderie with the few people who understand why you get up at 6AM on Saturday/Sunday to run 15-20 miles, why you enjoy pushing yourself to exhaustion, and why you think pasta should be its own food group.

If you want the details on my runs this past week, check out my Strava.

Keep running,



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