Week in Review: June 26-July 2 AND July 4th Race Recap

Week in Review

The last week was a complete bust. I completely lost focus the second half, skipped a few runs, and all-in-all sucked it up. I’m not totally sure what led to this. Maybe fatigue from work or running or both, but I lost it. Fortunately, I had a race to get me back in the right mindset and show me where I am.

I did have a decent workout on Wednesday (3 mile tempo w/ 4x:30/:30R), but I skipped Friday, a second Saturday run, and Sunday long run. No excuses.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Monday– 5 miles
  • Tuesday– 8 miles
  • Wednesday– 9 miles (WU + 3 Miles THR + 4x:30(:30R) + CD)
  • Thursday– 6 miles
  • Friday– No Run
  • Saturday– 4 miles
  • Sunday– No Run
  • Total Miles– 32-33 miles

You can see the details here.

July 4 5k Race Recap

Miami isn’t exactly a runner-friendly city. There are not that many great places to run, and the few that three are are often pretty spread out. So, you need to be willing to drive a ways to get a run in, deal with the exhaust and dangers of the road (of which I have spoken on here), or piece together a few places close by/do lots of loops on less traveled streets. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to getting out of here to a more runner-accommodating city (more on that later)

There was only one road race in Miami-Dade County, that I know of, on July 4. Usually, it seems, you have the option of numerous races on this particular day. In the past I did the Peachtree Road Race 10k, but since leaving GA I’ve either been out of shape or not run a race. This year, I wanted to get back into the tradition, but the options were very few (next closest was a 40 minute drive in Broward County to the north).

I decided to do the aptly named July 4 5k in Kendall. Race start was 7:04AM, so I had an early morning drive. Up at 5:30AM, quick breakfast and some cold brew, put on the shorts and t-shirt, grab the singlet and other necessities and head out the door. I had to grab my number when I got to the park and then waited for 15 minutes to use the only toilet open for the race. Finally, around 6:30AM I was able to start jogging a little to warm-up. After just a few minutes I was soaked and realized this was going to be a hot and humid run, and I was just glad it was only 5k. I finished up my warm-up with some strides and drills before putting on my singlet and heading over to the start line.

Surprisingly, this race was actually handled very well. The course was well laid out, when running outside of t he park, you were separated from traffic with cones, and there were actual time clocks at each mile.

When the gun went off the usual suspects took off like it was a 100m race. I settled in to a chase pack that slowly stretched out over the first 800m. I hit the first mile in 10th place in 5:36-5:37 feeling very strong and relaxed. I quickly dropped the young chap in 9th and considered pushing mile 2 to catch 8th, but I talked myself out of it and decided to just “maintain effort”. Bad move. I ended up running alone the rest of the race and trying ever so desperately to catch 8th during the 3rd mile. Ended up with a 17:41 (17:28 5k split on my watch) and 9th overall.

I am pleased with the race. This is a solid 30-40 second improvement from my last race in May. It shows I am getting into better shape and now, with 2 more months until my next race, I can focus, put in some really good work and try to drop another 45-60 seconds.

Speaking of training…

I want to start a more regular actual blog section. I have had the section title for Blog up since the start of this little site. But I’ve never really used them. Though I want this site to primarily act as an accountability for me to put in the hard training and track my progress to sub-230, I also want to share what I’ve learned over 16 years of running at the high school, college, and post-collegiate levels. Therefore, I am going to publish as few longer blog posts on my training philosophy, training basics and (if anyone actually reads/comments) answer questions about training, racing, nutrition, etc in regards to running. I am not a licensed coach and I don’t have a degree in biomechanics or physiology, but I do have a keen interest in how the body reacts to certain training stimuli and how to improve myself (and others) through employing different training techniques.

Okay, that’s it. Until next time.


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