Long time no blog

It has been several weeks since I last blogged. No excuses, just busy and lazy on this front.

Overall, the last few weeks have been slow progressions forward. I have not been as high mileage wise as I originally planned, but I am getting in to shape. Case in point is my most recent long run. 14 miles a tad under 7:00 pace. It felt fantastic, even, and strong.

I’ve also been able to put together some decent workouts for this early in training.

  • June 6: 1x2mile (5:00R), 1x1mile (2:30R), 4x:30 (:30R)
    • 12:02 (6:01, 6:01); 5:54
  • June 9: 6×1:30 Hills
  • June 14: 4xmile (1:00R)
    • 5:54, 5:59, 5:56, 5:55
  • June 16: 12×1:00 (1:00R)
  • June 21: 2×8:00 (5:00R)
  • June 24: 6×1:30 Hills

My long run has also gradually increased to 14 miles. I spent a few weeks at 12 miles, then jumped to 14, but this past week was the best one I’ve had. The others have been a struggle, mainly with pace management in such hot weather. I tended to start off quicker than I planned, and really pay for it in the heat later. This past week, however, I was able to control myself much better for the first half of the run, then slowly squeeze the pace downward.

Overall, the past few weeks have been a good step forward in my training. I am racing on July 4 (one week from yesterday), so that should give me a good indication of how my training is proceeding. I don’t have a set goal, but want to improve a good bit over my last race in May (18:10). This will set training paces for the next few months as I prepare for my final 5k race of the summer on Labor Day and before I transition to 10k/half training for the fall.

Key things to note: I need to do a better job of tempering my expectations in the heat. It is hotter/more humid here than any other place I have lived, and there is an intensity to the sun that is more acute as well. I recently purchased a handheld water bottle to take with me on longer efforts and workouts. I hope that this will help with heat management.

For more details, check out my Strava.



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