Week(s) in Review, May 8-14

Well, last week was a bust. Two missed days of running, a workout cut short. Just not a good week overall. Mileage ended up begin way too low and, although my workout wasn’t horrible, I hate cutting workouts short, especially when they are going well. I definitely need to refocus, regroup, and keep moving forward. My next race is June 4 (~3 weeks). Plenty of time to get back on track and hopefully improve. I think with the work I have done and just more running, I should be able to improve significantly from FICPA 1040k 5k.

Some notes on the workout. The scheduled workout was 3×8:00(5:00R). this is a throwback workout from college. I used to do this in prep for a season, just a solid HM<10k effort. First two intervals went really well, but I started having some serious stomach issues on the second 5:00 rest. I ended up calling the workout and began searching for an open restroom, which is difficult at 6:45AM in the middle of a city with few public restrooms…found one and then just finished the run from there for 8 total.

Long run…just didn’t happen. NO reason, no excuse. Just didn’t happen. Basically, it was storming when I woke up, so I postponed until later. When later came, I didn’t do it. My fault, no excuse.

Anecdotes: I’ve just felt overwhelmingly tired recently. I’m not getting enough sleep, and starting this week (May 15-21), I am teaching two Kaplan GRE courses a week (Monday and Wednesday nights). My schedule is packed, but I can’t give any of it up. We need the extra cash for the summer (Anna’s stipend is for 9 months).  I resolve to get to bed earlier, to eat more purposefully (i.e. more nutritionally to fuel myself as well as possible), and to keep focused. We have a busy 6 months coming up, so no room for slack.


  • Monday– 5.25 miles
  • Tuesday– 8 miles
  • Wednesday– Missed run
  • Thursday– 8.25 miles
  • Friday– 8 miles (WU + 2×8:00/5:00R + CD)
  • Saturday– 8 miles
  • Sunday– Missed Run
  • Total Miles– 37.5 miles

For more details, check out my Strava


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