Week in Review, April 17-23, 2017

Growing up in the South, sometimes I felt like I didn’t fit in super well. I’ve always been into music, art, literature, things not exactly promoted in my football crazed town. I played sports growing up, just not the one’s people cared about. Then I started running. Immediately, I knew I had found my sport and my people. There is no better community than the running community, in my mind. And there is no better place to witness this race day. Whether it be cross-country, road, trail, or track, the running community gets pumped for race day and there is a never ending swell of encouragement! I love it, and it has been one of the biggest things I’ve missed since getting lazy. I ended that streak this weekend, and the community welcomed me back with open arms. It was exactly what I needed to keep the motivation high!

Overall this ended up being a pretty successful week for two reasons: I ran faster than expected in the race on Saturday (Recap coming!), and I had a great long run on Sunday. This is more progress toward the ultimate goal of being back in race shape and competing once again. I won’t go into detail about the race here, but following up a solid effort there with a long run the next day is a milestone for me. Not only for the cumulative effort over 2 days but I had a calf strain mid-week that I was able to work through and still complete the race and  long run. I did take Friday off to nurse the calf, but that was all it took. I’m pleased with the mileage, the race, and the long run. Not a bad week of running.


Nothing exciting to report this week, except that I saw a Chicken family on my long run yesterday. One rooster, one hen, and two chicks. Perhaps they were out for a Sunday stroll beneath the Metro-Rail, or (unfortunately the more likely scenario) they were escaping certain death on a rotisserie. Let’s go with the Sunday stroll.


  • Monday– 6 miles
  • Tuesday– 9 miles
  • Wednesday– 6 miles
  • Thursday– 7 miles
  • Friday– Off-rest/nurse strained calf
  • Saturday– FICPA 1040k 5k Race, 2nd overall, 18:10
  • Sunday– 12 miles (3 w/the Girl+ 9 OMO)
  • Total Miles– 50 miles

For more details, check out my Strava.




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