Week in Review, April 10-16, 2017

Another solid week of running! This is when I start getting really excited about training. I have (mostly) gotten over the initial difficulty of getting back into shape, have started to feel good in my daily running, and am starting to pick up steam in mileage. Still no structured workouts or anything faster than training pace except for some strides. But I’m getting pumped!

The pain in my Achilles has completely subsided, so issue averted, but I did rub a blister on my left Achilles on Tuesday. A rain storm popped up, soaked me in the matter of 2 minutes and over the final 2 miles of my run, I rubbed a spot completely raw. By the weekend, it had started to feel good again, no pain, and I think it is on the heal now.

Anecdotes: I ran my longest run in two years this week. 10 miles. In the past, this would have been no accomplishment, but when you are building, 10 miles can be a milestone. This next weekend (April 22) I will run my first race of any kind in two years. Nothing exciting, just a local 5k, but it will be nice to get back out and compete. I’m not expecting anything spectacular, but a baseline on which to build the rest of my summer training.


  • Monday– 6 miles
  • Tuesday– 6 miles on TM
  • Wednesday– 6 miles
  • Thursday– 6 miles (2 w/the Girl)
  • Friday– 6 miles
  • Saturday– AM:2 miles w/the Girl; PM:4 miles
  • Sunday– 10 miles (7 OMO + 3 w/the Girl)
  • Total Miles– 46 miles

For more details, check out my Strava.


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