Week in Review, April 3-April 9, 2017

This was the first week in years I felt like a runner again. I ran 7 days, felt pretty good each day, felt a little bit of discomfort (meaning running every day wasn’t easy), and completed a progressive long run. Granted my mileage is about half of what I used to run, this is definitely progress.

The only issue this past week was a little pain in my right achilles. I iced it each night to help with any inflammation and really tried to take it easy on my runs and pay close attention to it. I’ve had issues with my achilles in the past. In my sophomore year of high school, I strained my right achilles and had to sit out most of the cross country season. I hurt it again in 2011 while living in Richmond, VA. I strained it running up a wet hill during a long run and had 4 months of rehab to get it back to normal (rest, run, re-hurt, rest, run, re-hurt, finally get ART, rest, rehab, run). Needless to say, when my achilles starts to ache, I get worried.

Luckily, it seems I am in the clear. Though I will still baby it for a while longer just to be safe. Good week overall, I’m pleased. Got a few runs in with the Girl and am starting to see some progress. This gets me pumped for races in the future!

Anecdotes: Nothing in particular this week. I was cat-called once, a whistle followed by “Hey, Baby!” Heat is starting to get unbearable, though the weekend we had a Miami cold front (meaning low 60’s).


  • Monday– 5 miles
  • Tuesday– 6 miles
  • Wednesday– 4 miles
  • Thursday-6 miles w/ 7x:20(:40)
  • Friday– 5 miles (TM)
  • Saturday- AM: 4 miles; PM: 3 miles
  • Sunday– 8 miles (LR)
  • Total Miles: 41

For more details check out my Strava.


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