Week in Review, 27 March – 2 April 2017

This week was a bit of a breakthrough for me. I finally felt good again and put together 7 straight days of quality miles – not a lot of miles but more than I had hoped for. Going into this week, I was shooting for 30-33 miles for the week. I ended up finishing off the week with 35 miles, putting me a bit ahead of schedule.

I played soccer on Saturday. I did motions with my body that I haven’t done in years. Everything hurts. But I still got my long run in! Right now, I’m feeling good with my running, but I need to get going on my core & lifting routine. I want to lift a bit more strenuously this time around. Once I get a lifting routine nailed down, I will share that here as well. My runs this week are shown below.

Monday – 5.0 mi, 7:18/mi
Tuesday – 5.0 mi, 7:20/mi
Wednesday – 4.0 mi, 7:17/mi
Thursday – 5.0 mi, 7:11/mi
Friday – 5.0 mi, 7:16/mi
Saturday – 4.0 mi, 7:18/mi
Sunday – 7.0 mi, 7:17/mi

Totals – 35.1 mi

You can see all of my runs in detail on my Strava training log.


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