April 2017-A glimpse

Like Landry, I’m going to post my training schedule each month so that you can see what I’m doing. This is merely a blueprint, so if you want details check out the weekly training reviews or Strava. My goal with this is to be transparent so that anyone who reads this will know what I’m doing day to day and if I miss a day or skip a workout can call me out. So, here’s April:


You’ll notice that Landry and I use the same format. This is by design for ease, and we both like spreadsheets, so we utilize a calendar template on Excel.

The month of April is all about building mileage and getting back into the routine of running. You can see that I’m building somewhat quickly. This isn’t necessarily advised for everyone, especially beginners. Anyone who does not have much experience with running or training really needs to build slowly and progressively, like a 5%-10% incrase in mileage each week. So, if you are running 20 miles/week currently, only add 2 miles or so the next week. This seems super slow, and it is, but it is designed to keep you from getting hurt. I have 15 years of running experience, so I am capable fo building a bit faster.

The key is knowing yourself. Be cautious in the build, but you know what you are capable of better than anyone else.

Look out for the weekly review!



GS: general strength-usually some light gym work or body weight exercises

Core: abdominal and back exercises to facilitate good form and balance.

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