Week in Review, 19-26 March 2017

This was only my second full week of running again. Most of the runs were garbage – I was tired, sore and fat the whole time. In particular, my runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were very rough. That’s to be expected this early, though. I mean, I’m out of shape. It’s normal. By the end of the week, however, I had a good 5 mi run at a decent pace. I feel like I’m starting to come back around – it will probably take 2-3 more weeks before I get comfortable, though. Below, I’ve totaled everything up for the week.

Monday – 4.0 mi, 7:10/mi
Tuesday – 4.4 mi, 7:21/mi
Wednesday – 4.0 mi, 7:22/mi
Thursday – 3.0 mi, 7:33/mi
Friday – 4.0 mi, 7:26/mi
Saturday – 5.0 mi, 7:17/mi
Sunday – 4.0 mi, 7:09/mi

Totals – 28.5 mi

You can see all of my runs in detail on my Strava training log.

Going forward, I need to develop  a training plan. Right now, I have no short-term goals. I don’t know how quickly I will get back into decent shape, and I don’t want to do too much too quickly. I will make a conservative, tentative mileage plan and post it here soon. For next week, the goal is 30-33 mi.

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