Week in Review, March 19-26, 2017

So, this is the end of Week 1 on sub230! I’m pumped for what this site is and will become. Honestly, it just feels amazing to have an outlet to put down my thoughts and feel like I’m gaining some accountability in my running. I do all of my miles alone (okay, not completely true, sometimes I run with the Girl). So, it’s easy for me to just skip a run. No one will know, right?

That is part of why I’m here. I need the accountability. I need to feel like if I don’t run, if I don’t have anything to report here, then I’m letting someone down. Someone other than myself.

After talking with the Brother , we decided it best to blog once a week about our personal training as a recap. This will open up more time for us to do other types of writing (training philosophy, reviews, thoughts on current state of running, etc.)

Here is my week in review:

  • Monday: 5 miles w/6 x :20(:40)
  • Tuesday: 4 miles
  • Wednesday: no run
  • Thursday: 5 miles
  • Friday: 4 miles
  • Saturday: 4 miles
  • Sunday: 6 miles
  • Total Miles: 28

You can see further details (HR, time, etc.) on my Strava page. No workouts this week so no details on that to share.

Runs this week were fairly good. I felt strong for the most part, ran a little too fast some days, but for the most part, I feel like I am starting to get back in some semblance of shape. The one thing I continue to battle with is consistency. This is the first week I ahve run 6/7 days in, I don’t know, months, maybe years even. It’s been a while. I just need to keep it up and gradually increase mileage. Like the Brother stated on his review, my main goal is to increase mileage. I do have some races coming up beginning in April, but no goals beyond mileage. The races are more for motivation than anything else at this point.

Things I saw/events this week while running:

Until next week.


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