March 21, 2017-Rushed, but nothing fancy

Slept in this morning, which put me in a bit of a time crunch this evening. I teach Kaplan test prep on the side (SAT, ACT, and GRE), and tonight was a mandatory 3 hour training session. I figured I would jump on the treadmill (deathmill?) and knock out an easy 4. But driving home from work (the reg 9-5), the day was just beautiful again, so I took it outside to try to enjoy this wonderful weather. In Miami, I’ve learned that you have to take cooler (by cool I mean <80F) days when you can.

Anyway, I was a little rushed to get a run in, cook dinner, and prep for the training session, so the pace was a little hotter than I normally shoot for. Details below.


  • Run:4 miles EZ
  • Time: 27:02 (6:42/mi)
  • Splits: 6:39, 6:39, 6:34, 6:56
  • Average HR: 148 bpm


Well, this run didn’t go exactly how I planned. I felt decent, but the pace was hot, so my legs were a bit sluggish toward the end. I ran down the M-path (a bike path that runs under the Metrorail) to Le Jeune and looped back on Ponce to reconnect with the M-path and head back home. All went pretty well until I started to cross Ponce…after checking both directions and determining I had the right of way, I stepped into the road only to be nearly run over by a car that “had” to make the light on the turn. Now, for some this may seem like a random occurrence. But in Miami, unfortunately, this happens to me at least once a week, no exaggeration. Look it up, Miami is one of the worst cities for pedestrian and bike fatalities (in fact, most of the top cities are in Florida). Anyway, I almost died, again, but luckily I made it out okay and was able to finish up the run easily enough.

Until next time…Also, if you want to check my stats a bit more, follow me on Strava:



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