March 20, 2017-Spring

Today is the first day of spring, which in Miami means there is a good chance it is already in the 90’s. Fortunately, fate has smiled upon me because it is 72 and beautiful!

Anyone who has ever run in Miami knows that you have to take advantage of days like today when they come, so I went out for a nice easy run with the Girl (2 miles) and added on a few more for mileage. The run itself felt incredible. Weather was perfect for Miami, it doesn’t get much better than this down here.Strides felt particularly good. It has been a while since I’ve done any sort of pick-ups. Just the slight change in pace seemed to breathe some life into my legs. I’m hoping that today breeds more life and more consistency in the days and weeks to come


  • Run: 5 miles EZ w/ 6x:20(:40) in the last mile
  • Time: 40:43
  • Splits: 9:35, 10:41, 6:48, 6:48, 6:48
  • Average HR: 129 bpm


When I begin training for races of any kind, the first up-tempo work that I always do are strides. If you are unfamiliar with strides, they are basically just 20-30 second sprints with either equal of double time float rest. For me this equates to about 100m of sprint and 100m of float. I try to hit the 20 sec interval at approximately 5k effort and the float rest at normal training pace (today, the float was a bit slow, but the pickups strong and fluid). The primary reason to do strides is to help maintain and/or improve turnover. Improvement in turnover is usually only seen in the beginning phases of training with strides. As your fitness improves, the improvement that you will see from strides will plateau, but the benefit of maintaining turnover will continue. Changing paces, changing effort, recruiting different muscle fibers to your running promotes additional aerobic stability and teaches your body to run hard/fast when it is already tired. The eventual goal of strides is to increase the speed and distance at which you do them (up to 200m) over time and incorporate them at the end of long runs or other hard workouts to gain maximum benefit.

If you have any questions are how to do strides or why to them, post a note in the comments!

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